Here are some of the programmes we’ve worked on so far.


Age Friendly Sheffield

We work in partnership with a number of organisations across Sheffield to deliver innovative projects that help reduce loneliness and social isolation for people aged 50 and over.

Well Rotherham

We work with our customers and partners to create flourishing and empowering communities. We facilitate positive conversations and support individuals with great ideas to create thriving communities.

Good Work

We offer free, one-to-one support to help people to find, stay and thrive in employment.

Housing First

Housing First Rotherham is a pilot partnership between South Yorkshire Housing Association and Target Housing. Housing First provides people with a home then uses it as a foundation to build on their strengths, hopes and aspirations.


We provide consultancy, training, facilitation and strategic support to help organisations and groups to take the necessary steps to allow co-production to happen in a holistic, meaningful way.

Social Prescribing

Through Doncaster Social Prescribing and My Best Life Barnsley, we help people to identify local activities, support and groups that can improve their quality of life.

Customer groups

Our customers sit on the Board of Directors, co-produce our services, and scrutinise the work we do. They tell us when we’re getting it right, when we’re getting it wrong, and work with us to make improvements.

Green spaces

We’re working with some of our communities in Rotherham to improve local green spaces.

Together with Tenants

Together with Tenants was launched by the National Housing Federation as a collective ambition to build a collaborative, balanced relationship between housing associations and their tenants. 130 Housing Associations have signed up as trailblazers, and we’re looking at how we can work differently with our tenants in the future.

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