We were really pleased that our latest housing development – Slingsby Place – included the opportunity to commission a local artist to create a piece which celebrates our tenants and their new homes, and can be enjoyed for many years to come!

After months of enjoyable sessions with residents and hours spent in her workshop, Angie (the brilliant artist we’ve been working with) has made two giant mugs which are decorated in flowers, birds, and phrases from our customers describing what home means to them. Community is at the heart of the piece and, as well as being a beautiful piece of art to admire, Angie hopes it will continue to bring everyone together in their new neighbourhood.










Situated opposite our Slingsby Place development is Green Estate – a not-for-profit organisation who make a difference to lives through landscape and heritage. We’ve worked with them to plant some stunning flowers on several of our sites across South Yorkshire which our customers love. We were delighted when Angie felt inspired to incorporate some flowers from Green Estate into her artwork, and we’re looking forward to seeing flowers blooming out of the mugs in spring!


“I came up with the idea of two mugs, as we all enjoy a good catch-up over a cup of tea.

Plus, when you move into a new home, a mug reminded me of the first time you borrow a cup of sugar from your new neighbour – it engages you in conversation. I’ve never done anything on this scale before and I really enjoyed making the wildflowers, butterflies and the bees. I think they are a really striking element of the overall piece.”

Angie the artist

Angie has written a presentation about creating the artwork, and how she worked with residents to design the final piece.

View the presentation.