All Fired Up

Following on from our successful partnership on our ‘Moments of Joy’ programme in 2016, we teamed up with Yorkshire Artspace again on a new ceramics project for our customers called All Fired Up.

All Fired Up saw us working alongside two local artists, Meghan Downs and Hannah Staniforth, as well as Museums Sheffield and Potclays Limited.

The two artists held a range of interactive sessions with customers from 911 and White Willows, and used their experiences with the groups as inspiration for two pieces of ceramic work that reflect where our customers live.

One of the two pieces created by each artist will take pride of place in the SYHA scheme where they were first developed. The other is destined to be part of an exhibition at the Millennium Galleries.

Below are some of our favourite images from the workshop sessions we held with customers earlier this year. The finished pieces are now on display in the Millennium Galleries and you can see them until the 1st October 2017.