Browning Court: Grow With Us

Grow With Us is designed to work with the residents of Browning Court, a home to those with long term mental health needs to transform the unused, inaccessible garden space outside into a welcoming and useful space.

Grow Forest, who deliver forest schools across Yorkshire with children and young people – building confidence, skill, esteem, workmanship and resilience – are helping us to achieve this.

The aim of the project is for those involved to have the opportunity to grow with us by having a great experience and developing skills and interests that allows their creativity to shine. A large number of our customers have already taken part in the design of the garden, drawing and painting their ideas for these to be translated into a beautiful landscape.

The photos below show some of our Browning Court customers in arts and crafts classes, which were co-organised with Grow Forest. Some of the pieces they made will feature in the gardens once they have been completed.



Over the next few weeks (March 2015), Grow Forest will be working alongside Browning Court residents to replace the fence, create mosaic totem poles and plant fruit trees and flowers.  There will be a party to celebrate the completion of works and start to make use of the newly transformed garden!

Works are set to begin shortly, with residents eager to take part in helping to plant trees, lay woodchip, and create a space that is personal to each and every resident.