Open Cinema

Our third season of Open Cinema is now underway, and this time it’s bigger than ever.  Now run by part of our LiveWell team Open Cinema is available to our LiveWell customers and has screenings across Sheffield. We are hosting screenings at our headquarters at Wellington Street as well as at our LiveWell projects; Lister, The Meadows, Cuthbert Bank and White Willows. More than just a film club, Open Cinema creates Moments of Joy and is a platform for culture, learning, skills and pathway development.

Open Cinema stems from a philosophy that entertainment and culture are as important for mental wellbeing as food and shelter are for the body’s wellbeing. We bring film to those usually marginalised out of enjoying what most of us take for granted, and we help them raise their aspirations and thirst for new knowledge. As well as watching films, we have guest speakers, Q&A sessions and regularly encourage debate and discussion about issues raised in the films we show.

Open Cinema Season 3

Eight of the films for Season 3

Some recent films such as the BAFTA nominated ‘Paddington’, the thought provoking ‘Kes’ and the heart-warming documentary ‘Senna’, are among this years films. Customers are invited to choose three more films to screen before the grand finale in January.

Previous seasons have helped inspire our volunteers to make their own short film, documenting Open Cinema Sheffield’s work, those that make it happen and the all-important customers.

We encourage our customers to engage and talk about the films they see and want to see at our events. Some of our customers even have ideas for films themselves. Watch what Phil has in mind for a blockbuster in the video below:

To find out more about Open Cinema click the link.