Repairs, upgrades and customer feedback

Customer satisfaction with their new home – 2021/22


97% satisfied with the service from SYHA

94% satisfied with the contact from SYHA

100% satisfied with the area as a place to live

98% satisfied with your new property

We completed these upgrades for our customers:

85 kitchens

136 windows and doors 

158 boilers

134 bathrooms

We also completed upgrades to fire doors.

Customer satisfaction with these upgrades:

Notice given acceptable – 100%

Operatives polite and courteous – 99%

Overall satisfaction with work – 99%

For customers with additional needs, we have completed:

19 kitchens 

62 bathrooms

3 warden call systems

26 external decoration

We also completed upgrades to windows and doors, and boilers.


“The team were absolutely amazing, and the work carried out was excellent in every way.”

A customer’s feedback on their new kitchen

“From start to finish they did a fantastic job – and when we had an issue they looked, listened, and fixed it straight away.”

A customer’s feedback on their new kitchen

Overall customer satisfaction – 2021/22


Customer satisfaction with our overall service: 83% satisfied or very satisfied

This is under our target of 85%. To help us make improvements, we’ve listened to our customers’ feedback about what they like about our services and what could be better. For example, many of you told us about waiting times being too long – both for phone and digital communication, and for in-person visits.

To help us to meet our target, we have:

  • worked with our teams to understand how messages are shared between departments, and looked for opportunities to minimise waiting times
  • improved our online customer services, to make it quicker to report repairs and anti-social behaviour
  • changed how tasks are allocated to our Neighbourhoods Teams to ensure that we are being as efficient as possible and reducing travel time.

First time fix for repairs – 89% 

We are pleased that this exceeds our performance target for first time fixes. The new repairs features on our online customer services should help us to continue to complete a high number of repairs on our first visit to our customers’ homes.

Customer satisfaction with our repairs service – 88% satisfied or very satisfied

Our repairs satisfaction is slightly under our target of 90%. To meet our target and to continually make improvements, we ask our customers for feedback about their experiences about having repairs completed.


Our customers have told us that they would like us to make repairs booking easier, and reduce waiting times. We have responded to this feedback by enabling our customers to diagnose and report repairs on our online customer services.

Customer complaints

Last year, we told you about the changes we’d made to our complaints process. Since we launched the new policy in September 2021, we have seen:

  • A reduction of 8% in the number of complaints we received (compared to the same time period in 2019/20).
  • An improvement in the number of complaints we responded to within two weeks. This increased to 73%, but is still behind our target of 90%. We are working with teams to help them to meet the target, and we are already beginning to see further improvements.
  • A 35% reduction in complaints going to Review (stage 2). We have achieved this by working with our teams to have better conversations with customers in their initial response (stage 1).

This year, we will continue to make improvements to how we handle complaints. This includes working with our Customer Scrutiny Panel, improving how we share information about complaints between our teams, and supporting our employees to have more timely and quality customer conversations. Read our latest self-assessment here.


Damp, mould and condensation

We confirmed our commitment to solving and preventing any damp, mould or condensation issues in our customers’ homes.

We did this by sharing more about what we’re doing, how we can work together, and information about the causes of and differences between damp, mould and condensation. Our online form made it easier for you to tell us about any issues, and for us to monitor and solve any problems. We also provided information and guidance about support available for customers struggling with the rising cost of fuel bills.

Our working group has also been reviewing data, processes and feedback to improve our services. We’ll continue to use this learning when building and maintaining homes, and to make further improvements to how we manage and prevent damp, mould and condensation issues.

Our Customer Scrutiny Panel’s Annual Health Check reported that:

“It is good to see that South Yorkshire Housing Association are being proactive on this; we know it has been in the media a lot, and we know that lots of tenants are receiving Facebook messages or telephone calls to ask if we are victims of damp and mould. Recent communications on this have been good.”


Anti-social behaviour

Our customers’ satisfaction with…

How easy it is to report anti-social behaviour: 96.2% satisfied

Being kept up to date: 95% satisfied

The outcome of a case: 76.3% satisfied

The speed of our response after reporting: 96.2% satisfied

Our handling of anti-social behaviour cases: 87.5% satisfied

We are pleased to see that satisfaction with our handling of anti-social behaviour cases, and keeping our customers up to date, both improved this year. However, it is disappointing that this did not result in higher satisfaction with the outcome of the case. We will continue to focus on improving customer satisfaction with the outcome of the case in the year ahead.

South Yorkshire Housing Prospectus

We’ve worked with local housing associations to create a new housing prospectus. Our joint vision shows how we can collaborate with SYMCA and local authorities to create affordable and sustainable homes, healthy communities, prevent homelessness, and more.

Read the South Yorkshire Housing Prospectus.

You can find out more in our podcast with Tony Stacey, our Chief Executive, and Nick Atkin, Chief Executive at Yorkshire Housing.