Hi! I’m Michelle. I’m a Social Prescribing Advisor in Doncaster and I absolutely love what I do. I love the work, and the team. Oh the team! They are so fantastic and supportive. But I think the main reason I enjoy my job is because I love people. I find humans so fascinating and I love working with individuals who come to realise that they have the power to make change in their own lives.

There are so many reasons why social prescribing is important. I think we’re approaching healthcare in a different way whilst also being able to support our colleagues in other areas such as safeguarding. One of the absolute best things about Doncaster Social Prescribing is that we’re welcomed into people’s homes and their environments where they feel safe. It changes the dynamic from meeting people in a healthcare setting, and you get to really know the individuals you meet and what their lives are like.

“I can talk for England AND I can listen for England as well!”

People say to me: “So what did you want to see me about?” and I smile and say “No it’s what did YOU want to see me about?” – we’re all about listening to individuals and building on what matters to them.

Quite often we also find that the people we meet start off by saying, “There’s nothing for me. Nobody can help me. Nobody’s ever helped me…”. And I come along and say, “There’s loads of options for you!” The biggest part of the interactions we have with people is about finding out about what’s important to them, and then we base our work together on those things.

Really, I don’t do anything other than give people the choices – if people know what’s available to them and they want to do it they will. And it’s really important to emphasise here that we only give people choices that are suitable for them. There’s not a one size fits all solution because we’re all different!

It’s so amazing when people say “Oh, you’re telling me about things I can do that matter to me.” That’s what motivates me. Happy #SocialPrescribingDay!

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