Our Race Action Plan

We listened to our people’s experiences, and learned from research, data and best practice, to create our Race Action Plan.

Our plan contains 6 ambitious commitments, which will underpin and structure our work on tackling racial inequality over the next two years. We will work across the whole organisation, and across all the themes in our strategic plan, to meet our commitments.

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In May 2021, Nisa Chisipochinyi was appointed as our Race and Diversity lead.

Nisa will work with our employees, partners and customers to fulfill the commitments in our Race Action Plan, and to inspire and make lasting and significant change.

“We are not just human beings, we are humans becoming. Becoming the best version of ourselves and ensuring that others can be the best version of themselves, too. We don’t have to do, think, feel and be who we’ve always been, we can change for the better. Have the same respect for others that you would demand for yourself. The opportunity for change is yours to take up.”

Nisa Chisipochinyi

You can find out more about what we’re doing, our learning, and how to get involved on our website and on social media.