From November 1 – November 12 2021 the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) is taking place in Glasgow. It is a crucial event on a world-wide stage that holds countries, governments, organisations, and people accountable to the change needed to protect the future of our planet. Most importantly, COP26 represents our “last best chance” at reaching the climate aims set out in the Paris agreement in 2015 (COP21). This is a significant moment in history, and one we are committed to playing our part in.

Why are we talking about the conference?

As an organisation we plan to be here for the long-term so that we can continue providing quality homes and services that work with people to live well, settle, and realise their potential. For us to do that we have to address the issue of climate change, or else there simply won’t be a future for us to plan for.

In addition to that, housing currently contributes approximately quarter of all climate related emissions. Housing Associations have significant potential and responsibility in making changes that reduce that statistic.

For us that means investing in innovative modern methods of construction that help with both fuel poverty and sustainable outcomes for new-build homes.

It means seeking funding opportunities that help provide greener options for our current homes, and it means supporting biodiversity through wildflower meadows and hedgehog highways.

It also means working with our teams and customers to share more about what we can all do to reduce our impact across the communities we live and work in.

In some cases, housing related solutions to the climate crisis bring challenges that we’re still working on, and some that we don’t yet have the answers to – a reality that we share with many organisations and sectors across the UK and the world. The UN Conference reminds us that, whilst difficult, this work continues to be hugely important. Committing to it, and working collaboratively, is the only way to a brighter future for all.

Whilst the conference takes place in Glasgow over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing more about our sustainability work, and the role we’re playing in helping to solve the climate emergency. In the meantime, you can read more about our approach in our organisational strategy.